Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Welcome to BVNode! We're dedicated to your satisfaction and stand behind our products and services. Before making a purchase, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our refund policy. This ensures you understand under which circumstances a refund can be granted.

Refund Eligibility

  1. Product Functionality: If our product does not perform as advertised or is unusable within 30 days of purchase, you may be eligible for a refund.
  2. Installation and Configuration Support: Our support team is here to help with any installation or configuration issues. If we're unable to get our product working on your site within 14 days of purchase, a refund will be issued.
  3. Unauthorized Transactions: Refunds will be issued for purchases made with stolen financial instruments.

Non-Refundable Circumstances

  • Refunds will not be issued if the product does not meet personal expectations, upon change of mind, finding an alternative solution, or beyond 14 days of purchase.
  • Issues due to modifications, customization, or conflicts with third-party products are not eligible for refunds.
  • Purchases made with discounts, special offers, or non-renewable plans are non-refundable.

Termination and Account Cancellation

  • We reserve the right to terminate accounts without refund or notice for violation of our Terms of Service or abuse towards staff, users, or associates.
  • Access to support, downloads, and documentation will be revoked upon processing a refund.

Refund Process

Refunds are processed through the original payment method within 7 business days. The timeline for receiving a refund may vary by payment method, with some taking up to two months. The refund amount will reflect the original transaction paid, potentially adjusted for international currency exchanges.

Policy Updates

Our refund policy is subject to change at any time and becomes effective immediately for all subscriptions and users. It is an integral part of our Terms of Service, which requires user agreement.

Final Note

We aim to process refund requests swiftly, but please allow up to 7 business days for processing. Your financial institution may require additional time to complete the refund.

How to Submit a Refund Request

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please submit your request through our website form, ensuring it aligns with our policy criteria.

Last Updated: February 19th, 2024, 12:05 PM